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Thanks for playing, more dinos in the works!

This demo is... awesome. I can't believe how good the pixel art and animations are. Hell, even the voice acting is awesome :) Plus the gameplay and controls are flawless (please just add one feature to quit the game). Just one little downside: I think that the music does not match the game. But besides that, it is one solid ingot of awesomeness, and I mean every word.

Thanks for the awesome review, super happy that you liked this small demo! Interested to hear more from you about the music not matching the game if you want!

Well, I'm no musician, but the music you have sounds kind of atmospheric and new-age, while I was expecting for this game something more simple and upbeat - eventually with primitive instruments to give a "prehistoric" vibe, like percussions, or flute? Anyway, that's just my 2 euro cents of advice, because my personal knowledge of music is quite rudimentary.

No worries and thanks for sharing, just curious if it was a matter of old graphics/modern music kind of thing! You are right that primitive instruments would totally fit in. We do however have a sci-fi theme in the whole game so I believe our composer wanted to use the current instruments so that he can combine the more new-age vibe of sci fi better when it all comes together! Your two euro cents are super appreciated!

If anyone is having difficulty with the resolution, try this: Right-click the .exe file, go to Properties->Compatibility->Change high DPI settings. Now check the box that says, "Override high DPI scaling behavior". Set the scale to be performed by the application.

Thanks for the guide! :D

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Just finished the demo! GG guys very nice puzzles and compelling aesthetic .

Thank you very much! More of that to come in the full game!


Can't wait ^_^ 


this looks like a stunning game, but im having issues with starting it up :( whenever i launch the demo, the in-game cursor is there, but as soon as i try to move it, it disappears. is this just me not realizing how to play or is it a bug? :O

That sounds very weird, we haven't encountered that before! Let us check it out and see what we can do.

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I have the same exact problem :(.

When moving the mouse (or clicking), it looks like it moves the cursor very fast to the right-down corner (or even further), making it invisible. I can send a video if you want.

Also, please make it possible to end the game with Esc, even at the start. Alt+F4 doesn't work either. Had to do Alt+Tab every time...

Wow really sorry for this guys, first time we hear about it! Please email a video if that's cool for you at theropodsgame(at)gmail(dot)com

I know what this is! The size is off! Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

That solved it, thanks :D!

ah! this solved the issue completely! thank you so much for making a little tutorial and everything, it really helped!!

I know what this is! The size is off! Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

This looks absolutely awesome, and I wish you nothing but luck (which I don't think you'll need at all)!

From what I've seen, it's just delightful :)

Thank you so so much for the love!

Oh, now this is some old school point-and-click adventure of the funnest kind. Granted, I was never the sharpest knife in the drawer with these things (as the video no doubt proves), but I instantly had a lot of fun with it. The graphics are gorgeous, all characters immediately likable, and keeping the game void of dialogue really actually does a lot to make you feel like the caveperson having to figure everything out from scratch and communicate nonverbally.

It's a delightful demo that quickly establishes the world and the style of problem solving you'll be doing ,and I can't wait to see more of it. Best of luck on this one - I wanna play the rest badly.


Thanks for playing and for the awesome playthrough! Sorry for the frustration bits , got a bit stressed myself but then you got unstuck and all was perfect :D

This is a glorious demo! Laying down the girl as the smartest of the group was a cracking idea, and also pretty sensible considering how dum-dum the rest of the crew are!

The graphics are gorgeous, the puzzles are perplexing (in  positive way) and the ending is decidedly disastrous!

Fantastic job all round, and I really hope you hit that Kickstarter target! =)


Thank you so much for playing and for the video, that was really fun to watch! Glad you enjoyed it so much and thank you for the kind words!

I really like the art style to this game, the character models are great, and it all flows very smoothly.  I was wishing that this was a little longer, but I understand that this is just a demo.  Thanks for making a cool game, and I think it will be really interesting once it is fully complete.  Good Luck!


Thanks for playing it ReapeeRon! It was very very small we agree, but hopefully we teased you enough for the final thing!

What a great experience. I was never too into adventure games, but a few really stood out to me. This one just felt great to play and the art style really reminded me of Another World. Props to the developers, can't wait for the full release!

Thanks so much for playing Quazimofo, we will be working hard for the release!

Looks good so far. I like the art style. Only wish i was better at puzzles.

Thank you for playing, you aren't as bad as you say with the puzzles at all!


Neat little game. Felt the puzzle to it was a good challenge, but felt the demo itself was kinda short for my taste. Would have liked to know more of what was going on. Otherwise the style is fantastic, and the charcaters are fun! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Hahaha awesome video title! Thank you for playing it, it was pretty short of course but the plan is to make it a complete game. We got a trailer out that shows hints of what is going on in the story!

This was a great game! It was really beautiful and I think the story is really interesting. Great jobs.

Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

Lovely and cute. Really liked the lack of speech. :) 


That was awesome and hilarious! Thanks for playing Cryptic Hybrid!

It was my pleasure. I've been following Theropods for a while and it's great to be able to get a taste. DINOSAURS! :)

When I launch the start screen is very zoomed in - I can only just see the top of a campfire. It seems to be launching at the wrong resolution? What can I do?

Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

That worked, thank you! I enjoyed the demo. Lovely atmosphere, engaging problems and all the little extra details in the character animations were delicious. If I could have my way I might add a run animation for the main character when double clicking. In addition to mollifying impatient folk like me I think it would also underscore her athletic, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984) appeal. Of course that's extra work in what is already clearly a big project! I look forward to playing the full game one day.

Good game, but couldn't leave the dinosaur to the trap!


Hehehehe good call!

AllopathyWow what a wonderful game...